About the comic:
Follow Haji and his fateful meeting with Tobie on his quest to find his brother after the apocalypse happened. With poor means of defense and no vehicle they'll have to travel through all of France in hope to reach their goal, as they learn to trust each other, little by little.
This webcomic was born on an innocent thought I had on a boring day: what if the apocalypse happened tomorrow and I could only use things in my house to try to survive ? I then couldn't stop thinking about what adventures this guy could live and thus Haji was born.
CONTENT WARNING: violence, blood, swearing

About the author:
I'm Catgut, a 24 years old French guy who enjoys drawing as a hobby. I'm a huge fan of mecha, war movies, the post-apocalypse genre and sappy romantic tropes so you know what to expect of this webcomic.
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